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Craig Wilkinson - Founder/Instructor
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Ummay Habiba - Founder/Instructor
Craig Wilkinson grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo, New York. After high school, he moved to Wichita, Kansas where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Physics and a Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Wichita State University. In 2015, Craig moved to New York City to attend New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, where he received a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Graduating with a focus in control systems, he currently works full time as a Computer Systems Engineer. He has taught various subjects such as reading and science and is now finding a way to interest kids in the coding & robotics world. Outside of work, Craig enjoys hunting, snowboarding, making his own coffee creations and visiting his family back at home. Some of his past experience includes web development and hardware & software integration. He holds a background in building robotics and general electromechanical system design. Over the past 5 years, he has found a devotion to share his knowledge with the upcoming generation.  Check out his website!

Ummay Habiba grew up in Astoria, Queens, New York. She graduated in 2018 from Fordham University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. Her passion for teaching started at a young age, as the oldest child she was in charge of helping her siblings with schoolwork. She went on to teach kids in math and science throughout high school. While in college, Ummay instructed elementary and middle school students in programming, robotics engineering and software application. Ummay is passionate about the intersection between technology and education, and still teaches. She has over five years of experience with teaching children and loves seeing them be passionate about what they are learning. She currently works full time as a DevOps Engineer in the greater New York City area. Her programming language of choice is python. In her spare time, Ummay enjoys drawing, reading, biking and running. She also loves to spend time with her family.